Friday, July 13, 2012

Not Much of a Day

I don't have much of a day. Not much to this day. But I like it because of that. It doesn't have to filled to the brim with agendas and schedules and places to go. Today is a hang around the house in comfortable clothes day. No make-up and no worries. I don't have to look nice for myself. I don't have much to worry about today. I have discovered new music, and I'm eating it up and letting it soak into my bones and make me feel good. I'm writing today. Poetry. As usual. I like the feeling you get when you write something and the words taste satisfying in your mouth. When they press gently between the teeth and you carefully say them and you don't dare to just spit them out. I like that. I like when you can convey something you want to convey perfectly. Today, I am reading. I am reading good books with good messages and pretty thoughts and pretty words. I am relaxing and doing not much of anything. And it feels great.

Set apart some time for yourself. You deserve it. Go to a pretty place and tell that place all your thoughts, weights, worries and leave them there. Then come back home and let home welcome you. Light a candle, take a long shower, and make a warm cup of tea. Give yourself a Not Much of a Day. Because Not Much of a Day, can prove to be a Whole Lot of a Day.

                                                          Take Care of Yourself,

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