Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So I'm Officially a Hipster...

But not really anymore apparently. Because if you're excited about being one and post about being one, then you no longer are one. I don't know who makes up these rules. And by hipster, I mean I was the one who goes against popular songs and have my own artsy, creative taste. But apparently thats not the full definition of a hipster, so maybe I was never one? Or maybe I'm just like 1/4th of one. I don't know. But I do know one of my friends called me one. The End. So anyways. Picture time?

So treasure it and capture it and collect it while you can. :) It's a happy thing.

My always addiction.

Patience is a key.

So i don't really have something to rant about today because I'm not in much of a thinkative, pensive mood. I'm tired. Last night consisted of; Code Red Mountain Dew. Oreos. Crazy Pixar Films. Waxing. 4:00 AM Ab and Core Workouts. 4:30 AM Steak and Shake run. A Cinderella Story in which I eventually fell asleep in the middle of. A Secret Agent with the name of Kelly S. Jones. An Unpredictable Lullaby.  The Word Noooo. So much Hyperness. So much fun. So much food. So much tired. Which explains why my post isn't something intelligent today. Today consisted of: Sleeping a lot. A cup of coffee. The sound of rain and thunderstorm. And a nice, yummy peach. Fruit makes me happy. Alright, I'm done rambling. Have a good, bright and wakeful day!

(Oh and don't forget to go get yourself a free slurpee today!)

With love,
A Tired SemiAwake Sophie.


  1. Oooh I love that vintage telephone picture :)
    And you are half a hipster.

    By the way....I'm exhausted too. NOOO!

  2. lol thank you. <3 I KNOW. SO EXHAUSTED... AHH.