Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You know sometimes bad things happen. And people get sad. And when you hang around sad people long enough, you might get sad too. Well, I just wanted to let you know that you don't always have to be. I think sometimes people get stuck in this set of mind that they'll always be sad. They'll never be happy. I think sometimes people lose sight of beauty and only dwell on the sad. The things that make them feel lonely, the voice in the head saying you can't do this, that is what they listen to and see. They don't see the beautiful girl in the mirror, or the positive compliments and words of encouragement given to them, the party they were invited to, the hug of a best friend. They see the one zit that nobody else noticed, the negative compliment from the insecure girl who picks on others to make her feel better, the party they weren't invited to, the people who chose not to be their friends. You don't have to do that to yourself. You can think of happy thoughts. In fact, you need to. You need to give yourself a break and love yourself. So, don't throw away the things that make you happy. Don't lose or forget your passion. Renew it, rekindle it. Or find it. Watch the Disney movie, dance with your heart on the floor, and never ever give up. Always hope and always have a dream. Preferably two or more dreams. But honestly, don't lose sight of it. I know I've forgotten about them at times and I have focused on the sad at times. But I also know this; Life can change. Perspective can change. You can change. You can dream again. So do that. If you can, change your perspective and hold on to happiness and things can and will be better and brighter.


(My personal favorites: Hanging fairy lights, baking an apple pie, pick flowers, go to a cafe and be okay at some point.)

Hold on to the ones who cheer for you. And soak up some of their happiness. Laugh. It's rewarding.
Lose yourself to find yourself.

Remember there are two kinds of diseases we can spread without getting sick. One. The disease of sadness. Two. The disease of happiness. It's up to you which one you decide to spread to the world. :)


  1. Sophie this is a wonderful post. I do think we sometmies need to surround ourself with more happiness and weed out the thing in life that bring us down. It's not a magic solution but it most definitely lessens our sadness.

  2. Omigosh.
    You're amazing. <3 I loved this post. Thank you for writing something so beautiful. ^_^

  3. Great advice. I challenge anyone to be sad while eating apple pie with a friend.

  4. love this! i just read about how joy is contagious /// if you are joyful it can effect up to 3 people removed. love this list :)

  5. Hehe I love "Don't listen to Bob Dylan" on that list. I love him but that's good advice for sad people :P

    And yeah, totally agree with you. People tend to focus on the negative in their lives. I think sometimes it's from not knowing yourself well enough. Not knowing that you have the power to move past immesurable sadness and BE HAPPY because you want to be, and because you are worth it. I think it also comes from the influence of society, because they are always pressuring us to be perfect. We are supposed to have flawless skin, beautiful sleek hair, a perfect smile, and to have all our crap together in our lives. But it's perfect to be imperfect and to be able to admit our flaws and mistakes, and therefore know ourselves better and benefit from that.

    Sorta rambling, but this is someting I've thought about recently too. On the way to work this morning, in fact :) So this made me smile and encouraged me. Thank you!

    Also, I got that video working on my post for the song :) Check it out!

  6. These are so great:) Thanks for the wonderful quotes (and ideas for a rainy day)! I also like the first item about Bob Dylan:P

  7. great message, and I especially like that first image. great ideas!

  8. baking is my go-to when i'm down. nothing makes me happier than pretty cupcakes!

  9. This has got to be one of my favorite posts. You are always so encouraging! I love your writing.

    "They see the one zit that nobody else noticed, the negative compliment from the insecure girl who picks on others to make her feel better, the party they weren't invited to, the people who chose not to be their friends."

    A million times yes!! We need to focus on the happy and not the sad.


  10. YES! You have a way of putting simple truths...just right. =)
    That kind of stuff used to bother me when I was 13, but then I relized that God loves me, and made me a certain way, with a certain personality and eyes just the right shade of green, and that if I'm beautiful in His eyes, then it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. If I focus on pleasing Him instead of others...all my worries go away.
    This is SUCH a good post!
    I have to say personally, I like cleaning my room and taking a walk! ;D I like the last too, a favorite saying of mine is similar: "While there's pancakes...there's hope!"
    'Cause I like pancakes. A lot.
    Loverly, loverly.


  11. I always clean me room or craft when I'm upset ;)


  12. i totally needed this<3
    Julianna, :)