Friday, February 22, 2013

The Random Life

Random thoughts and facts from the mind of Sophia Noel Ando. Also, known as Ringo, or more commonly known as, Sophie.

1. I have blisters on both my big toes. Thank-you dance classes and soccer. My feet love you.

2. Today, I'm going to a Titanic artifact exhibit.

3. Afterwords, I'M GOING TO CONSUME THEE AMARETTO EXPRESSO SHAKE OF MY DREAMS FROM THE BEST GELATTO PLACE IN THE WORLD. I have mentioned this to die for shake before. It is thee best, THEE BEST milkshake I have ever had and I'm not exageratting in the least. Needless to say, I AM PYSCHED TO CONSUME THIS HEAVENLY CREATION.

4. I've injured my knee cap and it's swollen and bruised and pops in and out. I think that's a bad sign.

5. Tomorow, tomorow, I'm going to FINALLY see Perks of Being a Wallflower with two of my bestest friends, Natalie and Nora. :) I'm also bringin Peanut Butter Oreos which makes it officially awesome.

6. Did you know that there was a woman who went to disney world and got in line for an autograph from Aladdin and he wrote his phone number in her autograph book and that's how they first met, and eventually they got married and had a kid and named her Jasmine. Who says Fairytales aren't real people? Like for cereal.

7. Speaking of cereal, I can't wait for March. Because March makes me crave Lucky Charms. (Due to Saint Patty's Day and All)

8. I secretly wish I had green eyes. Well, not so secretly now.

9. My upcoming birthday in April, will be my golden birthday. I'll be 19th on the 19th.

10. Time is weird.

And passing.
In every breath, sneeze, glance, tap, hope, thought we make, time is ticking and passing.
Still amazes me.
It still amazes me.
We really gots to be careful how we spend our passing time.
My Humanities professor doesn't think things happen for a reason.
He said he knows a lot of people think that their lives mean something but they really don't.
He thinks life is just random.
I feel very very sorry for him.
That's one of the saddest thoughts I think a person can have.
I think he must be a very sad guy if he thinks life is meaningless.
Maybe he thinks he doesn't care, but that's sad too.
You should care.
Cause your life does have meaning.
I hope you know that.


  1. i am hoping to see the long awaited perks too. i cant believe it never played in a theatre near me!! so excited :) i hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  2. You have the same birthday as my mom!!! April 19th. Craziness. Also, I really would love to go to a Titanic artifact exhibit. Will you be posting pics of it on here? Happy Friday my friend.

  3. I'm in love with almost anything Titanic related! :D That's gonna be so cool. Post pictures!!
    eeww...I hope your knee feels better soon. :/
    Where does one find such a magical shake???
    Time *is* weird. and beautiful. :D And that's lovely what you said about life having a meaning. EVERYTHING has a meaning. I believe that whole heartedly. and I believe everyone has a grand purpose on earth. Whether or not they act upon it or fulfill it depends upon themselves. but God has a great purpose for each and every one of us. <3 <3
    I love this post.

  4. gah. Sophie, how do you always make me want to say "I LOOVEE THIS POST!" every dang time? Seriously. And I love your middle name. <3

  5. Urg, I hate blisters. :) Hope your heal soon. Also your knee, because that sounds painful.

    I love fairytale stories. They give me hope. lol.

  6. Sweet! I, sadly, passed my golden birthday when I was 2. Before I even knew it was golden! Sadness...hope you enjoy yours! =D
    Haha, yes, your longing for green eyes is no longer secret! I've always a soft spot for brown eyes ... maybe we could trade for a day! ;D
    Time IS weird, seems like I just figure it out, and then poof! All the thoughts vanish like mist.
    I'm sorry about your knee cap and toes! That must be very uncomfortable. =(
    I love that picture btw! <3 Methinks I could work on the 'work hard' part though...!

    xx ~Jenny

  7. :( Nooooo.... to the blisters. That is no fun.
    I'm with Rinskii! I LOVE the Titanic. I did a huge post for the centenial last That sounds like super fun and you SHOULD post pics!!!! :D
    I have green eyes! I love them! But I wish they were more pronounced... so I'm with you on that! is a strange creature. So fascinating and intricate. Mesmerizing, actually...
    And you are sooo right. Nothing is random. At all. I am so glad it is not.
    That pic. <3 it.
    I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I'm glad to be finally back!

  8. I also fell sorry for the people that believe life is totally random and chaotic, I'm not sure how they can enjoy life, if they think that it can all be changed in an instant:(
    I just love life though:) Every day is an adventure!

  9. Is that seriously true? About Aladdin? That is the coolest thing I've ever heard!

  10. Yes, life has SO much meaning and I'm starting to see it even more these days. I hope you had an incredible time at the exhibit. :)

    For privacy and just some people getting onto my blog that I didn't feel comfortable with I've made my blog only allowable to certain readers, so if you'd like to still be a reader could you send me your email address? Mine is

    1. Sure sure! I will send you an email as soon as I have access to it. I apologize for the people getting on it that make you feel uncomfortable! Thats no bueno. :/

  11. haha. Laughing about the green eyes. Now we all know. :) I have green and "secretly" want blue. Or brown. Or anything else. Guess the grass is always greener ... :)

  12. I always liked the idea of green eyes too. Mostly so I can pretend Jack Johnson would be singing about me in his song, "Green Eyes" ;D

    I haven't seen Perks either... I'm dying to. My brother works at Blockbuster so I've been trying to get him to bring it home soon :P

  13. Ouch hopes your knee gets better soon! And have fun watching the movie. We had to read that in high school (ages ago) but I haven't seen the film version.