Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Downfalls of the Beauty

Sometimes, writers have downfalls. Those poets who write really deep and meaningful posts with every bit of their heart laid out on the ribcages of their writings? They probably are the kind of people who get sad from thinking too much and who stay up late at night because they can't fall asleep and have more issues with theirself than they will let on. Sometimes photographers have downfalls. They are probably often too busy capturing the moments of life instead of living it. They might forget to look at life through their own eyes instead of closed lenses. They also could forget the actual beauty in the people in the photographs, instead of just the beauty in the photograph. Sometimes, artists have downfalls. They can erase the flaws in the people they are drawing instead of note that flaws can add to the beauty in one. They can lose their sense of reality with blurred lines of abstract. They may dream so often that they forget to make the dreams come true. We all have downfalls. Let's not forget that. Because sometimes I think people look at the talent and beauty from the talent and envy the talented person when sometimes they aren't to be envied. Sometimes the naive viewer will look at a piece of art, a photograph, or the poem and appreciate the beauty of it but forget to think about the person behind it. They'll be jealous of the talent and won't give thought to the background stories behind them. They might be envious without realizing that the talented person may be jealous of you.

(A sad but beautiful book. It will make you think. It will affect you.)

Yeah, so those were my thoughts today. I guess I kind of thought about it when I read this young girl's poetry. It's so sad, but it's so beautiful. And everyone admires it and compliments her on it. And I guess it just kinda struck me on how her life might be a mess, and yet all these people are complimenting this beautiful piece. I mean, im not saying its wrong to compliment because it's not. I guess it just reminds me that some of my saddest times I've had, I just write poetry. Because I'm in a sad mood from thinking too much and thinking too much is usually when I have the best poetry/descriptions and analogies. And sometimes I share the poetry and I get complimented on it even though its really those times where I just wish I wasn't sad and wanting to write poetry to feel better. If that makes any sense. Sometimes I just write poetry for fun or because I'm bored. So, i'm not saying its all cut and dry because it isn't. I'm just saying sometimes I think we forget the feelings behind people's writings, art, photography, talents. We forget that the people who wrote them have a life and backstory for each piece of work and sometimes it's not all happy go lucky and sometimes it's better for us to be us than to wish to be them and write like they do or photograph like they do or paint like they do.
 And that sometimes there is more than just beauty there.


  1. I have read that some of the greatest writers who ever lived (Whitman, Frost, Thoreau, etc.) suffered from profound bouts of sadness. Maybe those of us who feel everything (both beauty and sadness) on a different level are able to write in the most moving ways because that shines through.

  2. Such beautiful writing! I can totally relate to the photography one, sometimes I can be so focused on getting PICTURES of what I am doing and where I am that I may not actually enjoy the moment to its fullest. Love the Oscar Wilde quote too!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


  3. This is the best! Literally, the best.

    "And that sometimes there is more than just beauty there."
    That's so true. I tend to be the overthinking writer you described in the beginning. Overthinking never seems to make anyone happy yet we still do it! Odd.

    Also, that quote was awesome. :)
    Both quotes, actually.
    I still need to read The Book Thief!

  4. Hmm yeah. It's like the thought of remembering that everyone has a story and everyone is fighting a battle. Recently, I was divulging some really hard frustrations and feelings to my best friend. And she told me that she hadn't really put herself in my shoes until that moment. And because she did, she was able to relate to me better and understand. So, in my mind, when I think about all the times she was encouraging to me before or complimented my hard work, etc., I see it as what you talked about. She didn't understand my position until she put herself in my shoes. And I think that's sort of the point you made about understanding WHERE the art is coming from -- the person.

    When you look at it that way, you can relate to that person so much better. You know them better and understand them and their art or even their actions, make so much more sense.

    Anyway. Rambling. I dunno if any of that made sense, I just started typing my thoughts and there ya go :P

  5. i love the way your brain works. its awesome.

  6. Hee hee, I totally agree with noni, I just like reading your thought processes, that's why you're so good at it.
    This is deep; and I can relate, I know I used to edit out things in my drawings and make parts up completely...and sometimes it really added to it and made the picture, but sometimes it really dragged it down.
    Yeah, some of my best poems were written when I think about everything too much.