Friday, February 15, 2013


If I were a Superhero, there'd be a list of things you should know about me. Unless you are a villain, in which means please avert your eyes to my list of Superhero flaws and strengths. I highly doubt you'd listen to me, being an evil villain and all, but hey one can always try, right?

Things you should know...

- My Superhero skill would be flying. Because, I mean really, who wouldn't want to fly?

- My secret Superhero skill (because flying is so obvious) would be my super duper excellent surprise attacks and punches. If a villain came near me, they'd think I was weak and never trained a day in my life(which I wouldn't have because I wouldn't need to) and they would think I was an easy target but then BAM I'd surprise them with my mad skillz and buffffff muscles.

- My SuperHero name would be Ringo. Because it has a nice Ring-o to it.

-One of my flaws that I could use to my advantage would be my bad puns. They might also scare off novice villains.

- I may occasionally turn people into unicorns but you can't really hold that against me.

- "You're a sad, strange little man." would be my famous saying to the villains I face.

- My greatest weaknesses would be apple pie, its my literal sweet spot, and Peter Pan. If I saw him, I would go with him to Neverland in a heartbeat and leave you to fend for yourself. Without meaning to. I'd just be so distracted! So don't get offended, I'm sure you're a great person and all...but Peter Pan.

- My trusty side kick would be my dog Frosty. But I'd just call him Sire. Because it sounds more professional.

- Occasionally, I'd make my own raps about saving the world. It'd be my theme song.

Well, that was fun.

The time I dressed in Superhero wear.

(May seem random but I'm demonstrating Vintage Mickey and Minnie in which I'll talk about down there...)

So, I made an Alice and Wonderland themed lunch and desserts for my little sisters because they were watching Alice and Wonderland. I made it themed like a tea party. It was fun. :) Also, one of the things I love about the blogger world is the holidays. Whether it's free donut day, mardi gras cakes, valentine's gifts, Christmas goodies, you guys are so creative and so talented and you insprie me with all of your ideas. It makes the holidays so much more special. So thanks guys, you are awesome and inspire me and I enjoy reading all of your posts. Also, I got a dog tag necklace yesterday for free and I was able to pick my inscription. So, I chose; "If you can dream it, you can do it." I really love how it turned out. Also, my Mom got me a Vintage Mickey and Minnie Mouse tin with chocolates in em. They were milk chocolate so I didn't eat em but I loooove the tin so much. In fact, she saw me eyeing it in the store the other day. I just really love vintage things and Disney. So yeah, it was pretty awesome. :)
  What did you all do?


  1. I think my superhero skill would be time-traveling because I just think that would be incredibly fun!!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! THis is so freaking cute! <3 did you think this up by yourself?? Can I use this idea? :D I love you. Your blog is freaking adorable.
    A rap theme song would be epic. and a sidekick dog called "sire". ^_^ Cutest post ever.
    You don't like milk chocolate? You're crazy. ;)

  3. you're a sad strange little man haha i love that gotta love toy story! i agree about bloggers being so inspiring and creative :) hope you had a wonderful day! xo

  4. haha this is so great. cute blog! :)

  5. Haha! I think my superpower would be flying also... or making fire with my awesome pyro abilities. I love fire. It's GORGEOUS.

    As for me... I mostly napped. LOL. But I'm glad your Valentine's Day was awesome. We're sort of planning on re-celebrating it on Sunday because everyone was sick yesterday. LOL. :)

    Also, your comment about mad skillz and Bufffff muscles cracked me up. :D Really liked this post, Soph! xo

  6. Hahahahaha this was so great. I laughed a lot. You would make a fabulous superhero!

  7. "I may occasionally turn people into unicorns but you can't really hold that against me."

    Super! ;) hahaha

    How sweet of you to make Alice in Wonderland foods for your sisters. Awesome possum!!

  8. Seriously? I've reading Alice in Wonderland this whole week! =D
    It sounds ridicously like some of my dreams...
    I don't really want to be a parrot but I quite agree with Erin, that Unicorn line...Priceless!