Friday, February 1, 2013

Keep it to yourself,
Laugh off the dreams.
Shake off the dust we once called;
You and Me.

Feel beautiful, Read a Book, Do Good, Blink Away Your Mistakes and Put Your Hope in Love.

You deserve it.

It deserves it.

I also have decided to take part in this. So, comment with any number/numbers of the questions you'd like me to answer. :) Also, Happy February! here's self portrait of the day # 1.

This may seem like a weird picture, but I wanted to do something different for a change so i used black and white and bright lighting and long time exposure to give a blurry/haunting kinda feel.


  1. Oh my gosh, that blind date with a book is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I love the picture with the book and the pop-up-people

  3. Blind date with a book. D'awwww. :D

    I really like that picture of you, it's cool. It looks sort of.... otherworldly.

    And for that Disney thing... Um... You should... answer #s 3, 10, 12, 15, 37, and 39. That's a lot, but... they're cool questions. :D

  4. Ehehee! LOVE the blind date with a book. ^_^
    and i like your self portrait<3

  5. Haha, like everyone before me, I LOVE THE BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK IDEA! How cute.

    And I do like your photo. I thought it was weird at first, but looking again it's kinda artistic! Lovely.

  6. Lol! That blind date with a book! How funny! I'd like to meet the person who thought of that.
    "You are more than the mistakes you've made" <--- reminds me of a song by 10th avenue North, only it goes "You are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you are more than the problems you've been remaaade." 'S a good song. =)
    Hmmmm; 1,5,6,15,35, and 26, I thinks.
    Yeah, that's a cool self-portrait; way to go for thinking outside the box! 8D

    xx ~Jenny

  7. I love these pictures! The blind date with a book is too cute.
    Oh... And for the Disney questions: #13, #15, #38, #39, and #29.