Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just wanted to take a brief moment and remind you all to read 1 Corinthians Chapter 13. The Love chapter. I just wanted to remind you that today is another day to live and enjoy it's beauty and be in love with the World, your Creator, your Life, and express your love to your friends and family. So be happy, cheer up, look at all the wonderful things going for you. And go eat chocolate. :) I already wrote an in depth post of how one can spend a Valentine's Day so I won't repeat the speal, however if you missed it, you can find it here;                    .

Yesterday, my sister, my friend, and I, baked pink chocolate chip cookies for the girls at our dance studio that we get to see today. It was loads of fresh yummy goodness fun and I'm quite happy that we get spread some love on V-Tines day. :)

It was delicious and I love Winnie the Pooh.

 I have such a weird nose.

I  included some of the self portrait rejects back when I was doing self portraits a day and then failed at it. To be honest, my life is just waaay too busy to capture photos of me every single day especially considering that I look like crap the majority of the time because I have early classes or I have soccer practice or dance class or I'm at the gym or I'm going for a run and the other half when I look halfway decent it's usually because I'm out somewhere doing something. Maybe during lazy summer I'll have more time for selfies. But basically what happened was I'd take a bunch of photos on one day to master the self portrait I wanted. But then the next day I'd get busy and I would have photos but none from that day to post. So thats why I'll give you the leftover batch of photos taken, but I'm not doing anymore self portraits of the day.

Anyways, Happy Valentine's Day! I made cute little Valentine's Day cards for my sisters, Mom, and Dad filled with Les Mis valentine puns, My Little Pony valentine puns, and turtle Valentine puns. I also picked up their favorite candy at 7/11. I'm pretty pysched to give them their little gifts. :)

Besides that, I'm just gonna enjoy my day today. How about you? What are your plans?


  1. really nice pictures! and it looks so yummy here :)
    lovely greets and happy valentine's day.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Those cookies make me want to eat myself in to a sugary stupor. Happy Valentine's Day my friend.

  3. Mmmmm....... the cookies look delish. I wish I lived in Florida now. Haha!

    And you are gorgeous, my friend! I adore your hair and face!

    Happy Valentines Day :)

  4. sigh... I should have done a valentines post *smacks forehead* I even had these lovely pictures of roses that I took last year. Ah well... looks like everyone had good V-day posts. =)
    You do have a curious nose, but it's a nice nose all the same. =-)
    I have curious hair; it's wavy, but when I wash it the waves get redistributed and so sometimes I have little ringlets by my face, and sometimes none at all, and sometimes an actual curl, and sometimes frizz.
    It's very curious. =P
    I especially like the selfie with the rose. <3

    xx ~Jenny

  5. I bet your family loved the cards SO much. Presents like that are the kinds of things that can't be replaced. :) You're so pretty and sweet looking, Sophie! And your nose is pretty too! :) And I LOVE the pink cookies.