Monday, February 4, 2013

Hello, darlings. My weekend was amazing in case you were wondering. :)
On Friday night, I went to Countryside Mall and got to visit the Disney Store. I found this really cool vintage mickey and minnie mouse tee and I also got an eyore plush. You're never too old for those things. I also went to Tropical Smoothie in the mall and let me tell you, Smoothies and Disney is always a good combo. Saturday, I had to watch my little sister Maria. So we had a spa day and watched Peter Pan. Sunday, there was a superbowl party at our church and we played a football game beforehand. It was awesome.

Ironically, I might be getting the chance to go to Disney World for two days in March. Needless to say, I am beyond pysched. People usually say it's too early to get excited for things like that, but in my mind, it really isn't that far off. I mean in September I thought Christmas was far off and yet those Fall/Winter months flew. And January flew. And I know February will fly too especially with my busy schedule. Therefore, I think I have a right to be excited. In saying this, I will now post some of my favorite Disney photos I've seen and then I will answer your Disney questions. If you've never been to this magical place, go. And if you aren't well acquainted with Disney movies; it's never too late. Trust me.

Hello Dream Wedding Ring.

(Selfie snuck in there.)

The questions you guys requested my answers for are numbers: 3,10,12, 15, 37, 39,1,5,6, 35 , 26, 13, 38, and 29.

3. That's real difficult because most of the Disney characters seem pretty heroic in what they do. But I guess I'd go with Hercules. Because I mean, who doesn't love him? And he did venture into the underworld to save Meg. And the underworld is sort of really creepy.

10. Peter Pan. :) Though, I have others I adore too like the Lion King or Robin Hood or Fox and the Hound, or Dumbo, or Lady and the Tramp, or or Toy  Story 101 Dalmations or Pinocchio or Monsters Inc. But Peter Pan is my favooorite.

12. Another difficult one. Well, I've always loved; "I Won't Say I'm in Love", "Be Our Guest", " Part of Your World", "Colors of the Wind" , "You've Got a Friend in Me", "Let's Get Down to Business", "You'll Be in My Heart", "Can You Feel the Love Tonight",A Whole New World","You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly" and I think those are pretty much the top notch ones. I still have many more I love though. :)

15. Simba's. You may think I'm kidding... but I'm not. ahaha. That lion mane is wicked awesome. As for human hair; Jasmine's. I was always envious of hers.

37. This one is very very difficult for me to choose because that means I have to try to figure out who I'm like. I know I always waaanted to be like Jessie from Toy Story 2 as a kid and in a way I think I was kinda like her because I was so spunky and different. Now, I think I am more like Belle. But I'm not sure. I just know I love to read, and I try not to judge people by looks alone. And I'd never ever marry a guy like Gaston. haha.

39. Fox and the Hound all the way. Two scenes. 1. When Tod's owner drops him off in the woods to live by himself and he has no clue that she's going to leave him when he's sitting in the car ride. 2. When Copper changes and isn't his friend anymore and Big Mama has that talk with him. I may not have physically cried at these, but I wanted to. Like inside, my heart tore up a bit. That and the Hunch Back of NotreDame when the people throw fruit and tie him up because honestly, that's just cruel. I felt so bad for him.

1. Peter Pan. Robin Hood. Aladdin. Jasmine. Genie. Pochantas. John Smith. The Racoon. Rafinki. Nala. Simba. Timothy the Mouse. Belle. Lumiare. Nana. Wendy. Sebastian. Dopey. Goofy. Mickey. Pluto. Eyeore. Tigger. Pooh. Mulan. Mooshu. Shang. Sully. Mike. Jessie. Bullseye. Slinky. Buzz. I think that covers most of my favorites. ahah.

5. Mulan, Jasmine, Nala, Belle, Meg. But I think Jasmine is actually my favorite of the favorites.

6. Aladdin hands down.

35. Tangled's flying lantern scene and flying off to Neverland's scene and Jasmine's A Whole New World scene.

26. The Lion King. I'd love to be the lions and live there. Or once again Neverland. It's just so filled with magic guys!!!!

13. Jasmine and Aladdin, Mulan and Shang, Simba and Nala, Rapunzel and Flynn, Mickey and Minnie, Peter Pan and Wendy(if that counts). But the top ones are Jasmine and Aladdin, and Simba and Nala. This is because a. I just adore Aladdin and Jasmine's characters. They're hilarious and sweet and they seemed to realllly adore each other and I just loved em. Simba and Nala grew up together as best friends and I think that's super cute, how they once were best friends and then they ended up falling in love too.

38. I guess sort of Belle and Jasmine. I'd like to get out more and see the world.

29. To be honest, I have no idea. I feel like we always get what's ever cheapest when we visit Disney. But I can tell you that when I was younger, I always wanted the big huge giant rainbow circle lolipops with Mickey's face in the middle of it and we always would get them for the ride home. So, if that counts, lets go with that. :)

Sorry, this was lengthy, but I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. ohh the disney store! i havent been to one in years. i love all the photos- disney is magical and you are right- never too old for it. anytime there is a disney movie on tv i always tune it :)

  2. I went to Disney World when I was 15 and it was the best vacation of my entire life!

  3. Aw I hope you have an amazing time there! I've been to Disney Land several times but it's been forever since I've been to Disney World :)


  4. 39.... YES. My nephew begged me to watch Fox and the Hound with him this past week, and I accepted cause it's my second fave disney movie (after 101 Dalmations!). But it turned me into a mess from those scenes. Mostly cause I am in the situation right now where we are moving and I have to give up my dog cause we can't keep him. Ugh.

  5. I LOVE anything Disney so I am so mad at myself for not going there yet! I actually lived three hours away from the park for a whole year and never got there. It looks so magical. That picture you posted of the castle light up like that was stunning. I need to get there. My favorite character is Peter Pan. Its my favorite movie. I got to play Wendy at theater camp when I was young and I swear... the role of a lifetime haha. I love the idea of seeing more of the world like Belle and Jasmine. I stumbled onto your blog and fell in love with it and Disney all over again (If you couldn't tell by this lengthy comment lol)

    1. I just wanted to say also, that I'm so jealous of you getting to play the role of Wendy. <3 If I could be any disney character in disney world, it'd probably be wendy or jasmine. But mainly for their men;) lol jk. No, i love them too. And the sets they get to live in. But unfortunately I don't look like either of them so if i ever got to play a disney character, i'd probably be casted as belle. Since ive got the brown hair, brown eyes, thing going.

  6. I love this! :D You're right, Simba *did* have awesome hair. xD

    Ahh, this is all making me want to watch every single Disney movie, listen to all the songs and maybe go to The Happiest Place On Earth too. ^_^

    There's something about Disney that not only takes me back to my childhood in a split-second, but also somehow makes me forget the reasons to grow up. They're not actually reasons after all.

    Thank you for posting, girl. :)

    1. Exactly! You have phrased what I was trying to say perfectly in that sentence about it making you forget the reasons to grow up. Because honestly, sometimes i think with college and friends and activities, thats exactly what I'm doing 99% of the time. I'm growing up. Without realizing it. And I'm forgetting to revisit childhood and be non grown up. But disney does, indeed, bring out the kid in you. It takes you back and makes you get that childish joy and burst of happiness inside that makes you want to explode and scream and tell the world of it's awesomeness.

  7. That is awesome! I have never been to Disney world. I have been going Silver Dollar City my whole life and don't know if I would enjoy a different amusement park..... I have never been huge on change. :-)

    Can I steal that last picture for my blog? :-)

    1. Yes you may. And I know you might not be big on change, but seriously, this theme park is like childhood in a big huge present. It has all of the Disney classics rides, statues, figurines. And its so magical and everyone there is SO happy. There's just nothing better to describe it. So, even though you don't like change and you like your amusement park you go to, if you ever get the chance to go to Disney, i think you should. I don't think you'd be dissapointed in the least. We have Busch Gardens, SeaWorld and we used to have Cyprus Gardens too as theme parks here in FL but nooone of them compare to Disney. :) trust me.

    2. :-) If I ever get given a chance to go to Disney World.... I would def go!!! <3 Maybe we would end up there at the same and than we could actually meet! That would be so much fun!!! <3

  8. aaah!! I love that Disney Question one so lots! :D i agree with you on a bunch of those too. ^_^ awesome. Can I use that last one?? :D It's so fun.
    That's crazy exciting. I've never been to any of the Disney Parks! I want to go someday really bad. It's definitely on the bucket list. :)
    cute post!! <3 I adore Disney. ^_^


  9. What a fun post! I just adore the Disney questions! I think I might have to include those next time I go to Disneyland :)


  10. Never marry a guy like Gaston....hahahaha! =D
    Oh, I LOVE tangleds lantern scene...pure bliss.
    Yeah, I think Belle is a good likeness of you. <3 rapunzel would be mine, I 'bout went off the wall when I found they made a blond princess with GREEN eyes,(Cinderella has blue and Aroura uh,has purple/periwinkle?!) and she's not a frilly princess either, and cast iron frying pan would be my choice of weapon too, and I have one too! Love her 'frog' too. 8D
    Alladin is pretty cool, some of the other princes have like, no personality whatsoever!


    Love the robin hood quote too!