Monday, February 11, 2013

A Weekend Update

My weekend, my weekend.
Well, lets start with Thursday. Thursday I did something bold and daring... I skipped class. I skipped my Humanities class. My friend and I hung out. I had my Mom's permission and the class notes are online, and I knew I wasn't missing anything big so I guess it's not all that rebellious but it felt nice to ditch without the reason of being sick or out of town. It was nice to just not go. Especially since I've always been a rule follower/ not getting into trouble/never skipping for the fun of it type of gal. But it's sometimes nice to do things you don't normally do.
Friday, I went to Downtown St. Pete and heard the beautiful and amazing, Julia from    sing 6 beautiful and orginal songs. <3 It was held at the Everything Dolce dessert bar where I got a delicious cannoli too. Afterwords, me and my friend Heidi and my Mom took a random pit stop at the Taco Bus and got our first Taco Bus tacos. It was a night of wonders.
Saturday, I had a soccer game in which we won, and then I saw Warm Bodies with my sister and friend. It was amusing, and sorta funny but some of it was sort of stupid too. I wouldn't watch it again, and I would wait until it comes out on dvd if you want to see it instead of paying $9 to see it at a movie theater.
Sunday, I had church and hung out at home for a bit. It was nice to have a relaxing day. I ALSO HAD SURPRISE PIZZA(the best kind of pizza).  :)
With all that being said, I've been busy. But a good busy. I also have given up the whole self-portraits thing. I also have a terrible sunburn. I also have a new found love for amaretto coffee creamer. I also am going to post another disney picture because I love disney. And pizza. I love that as well. 

Why are cartoon lions always so darn cute? I want one.

 Sometimes when I see pizza the song "This is Love" from Cinderella pops in my head.
How are you all?


  1. It is empowering to break free of habit occasionally. I do that ever so often just to stay sane. Sunburn?! Are you very serious? I look like a member of the undead army at this point and would sell a vital organ for a bit of pre-tan redness. Gaaah! You lucky southerner you! Your weekend sounds splendid and I would agree that surprise pizza is the most satisfying.

  2. ooh;) gettin' a little rebellious, eh? haha, your pictures make me happy! and i'm glad you have nice taste in music..hehe! :)
    Jules from

  3. I'm doing dandy, thanks for askin'! glad to hear about your weekend, sounded awesome!
    "it was a night of wonders"<that cracked me up. i love tacos. ^_^

  4. If a handsome guy showed up on my doorstep with that pizza, I'd be smitten. ;) Love your happy pictures!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend. Congrats on winning the soccer game!

  6. Haha, it won't be long until I get my first sun burn of the year too. Cali and Florida are really similar!

    I love heart shape pizzas!!! Somehow they taste better, yeah?

    Skipping class is fun. I rarely EVER did it but it always felt so good. Haha!

  7. I skipped class a week ago. It's kind of nice to do something like that. College is so different; you can just come and go. Yay for rebelliousness.....and our unexpected surprise at church last night. And I don't mean the pizza!

  8. You definitely had a wonderful weekend! Haha! Love the Cinderella song reference with the pizza ;) I can totally relate.


  9. What a great weekend!