Friday, February 8, 2013

The night whispers something intolerable into the corners of the rusted chambers in your heart.
You tried to blow off the dust like it was a stranger just passing through the streets of your hometown.

But you knew better than that. The dust had settled into a house on your street for awhile now.

It wasn't a visitor, but a resident.

And your heart. You tried to oil it up and make it as good as new. Just like the tin man.

But you knew better. You knew that it would stay behind it's rusted prison bars and that no amount of oil would do the magic trick. There wasn't going to be an audience's applause today. No rabbits coming out of hats.

You tried to sleep but your Vampire habits kept you fidgeting with a thirst and hunger for the drops of a new awakening, a new life.

There you were staring at the ceiling of your tomb.

But you awoke. You awoke. Your eyes no longer tired due to the lack of sleep. Your heart no longer rusted and imprisoned. The dust swept away to the far corners of the earth. A new life, a new hope, dawned, awakened, and manifested in you. You were made new. You were alive. You found the light to keep out the whispers in the night when you found the man at the cross with love written on His side.

(Quick side note: My blogger has been acting up recently. Yesterday it wouldn't let me post and today, when I was reading through ya'all's awesome blogs, half of the time my comments wouldn't publish. Some did, some didn't. So I apologize if one of yours was one that wouldn't let me comment on. I enjoyed them all though. <3 Have a nice weekend!)


  1. i enjoyed your writings. you wrote well =)
    and yes to the quote.

  2. Lovely. So good Soph! Hope your weekend is wonderful :)

  3. you're such a good writer! i love this blog:)
    Jules from

  4. Very powerful. Love the quote you included :) Thanks for always leaving such sweet commtents on my blog!


  5. Your writing always connects and resonates, no matter what the topic is. Just lovely!

  6. Hi Sophie!

    Lovely post! Attitude can make a lot of difference and it is what we need to change. It can free our hearts from the rusted prison bars of yesterday.

  7. "Then you awoke." <--- that's lovely how you wrote that.
    Gosh, I should really try do that, it can make all the difference.
    Thanks Soph!