Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Titanic

So, I will give you a brief summary of the Titanic exhibit. Basically, when you get there, you get a "boarding pass." This boarding pass has your name on it. The name of a real passenger who had boarded the Titanic. You role play here. My person was a Countess. Her name was Lucy. Her middle name was Noel which was highly ironic since my middle name is Noel as well. She got married on April 19th which is also slightly ironic since April 19th is my birthday. She boarded the Titanic to go see her husband who was planning on purchasing for an orchard in Florida which the state where I live. She was a survivor. Apparently she was one of the few women who actually knew how to sail, so she basically saved all the people in her lifeboat as she was the only one in her lifeboat who knew how to manage a boat. I found this all very fascinating. They also took us through different rooms built similar to those found on the Titanic. It showed us their dining menus, their bedrooms, their hang out places. There were numerous pictures, and numerous artifacts. Towards the end they even had a room with a freshwater iceberg there. It was freezing. And freshwater icebergs are not as cold as saltwater icebergs. Most people on the Titanic died from Hypothermia.  The last thing they showed were all the names of people who survived, and those who didn't.  I'm sorry that I couldn't include too many pictures. Only the ones of my boarding class. I wish I was able to share with you more than just words.

Other stories:
There was the one old lady around the age of 65 who refused to get on a rescue boat. She was there with her Husband and she refused to leave him. She said; "Where you go, I'll go." As the ship went down, others said they overheard the couple whispering their wedding vows over and over again.
There was this one lady with two children and a baby. She couldn't find the baby so she stayed on board with her two children searching for it. She didn't survive and neither did her two children all because they were searching for the baby which someone had taken without informing her and was actually on a life boat. The baby survived.
The orchestra players did play music the whole time the ship was going down. They were all male so they knew they weren't going to be saved anyways so they played music to comfort the passengers.


- The Titanic sunk at 2:20 am on April 15th, 1912. On Sept. 1st, 73 years later, it was discovered 2 miles beneath the North Atlantic.
-5,500 artifacts had been recovered.

- There were dishes, portholes, 1st class chandeliers, nickelpots, screwdrivers, rivets, rulers, postcards, leatherbags, brushes, toothpaste, glass jars with the poweder still in them, teacups, and countless other things that were recovered and unperished.

- 705 people were saved but 1, 523 people were lost.

Don't take life for granted people.
This exhibit was truely moving.
This event was truely tragic.
But lets not forget that we aren't invincible.
The builders of the Titanic thought this was a ship that God himself couldn't sink.
God proved them wrong.
And our lives are fragile waves in the sea.
Remember that.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I have always been so fascinated with the story of the Titanic. I have seen the movie like 20 times (don't judge). What a beautiful story it is.

  2. Those are some fascinating, and really tragic, stories. My only knowledge of the Titanic is from the movie, and I know that is not completely accurate. I thought the orchestra playing in the movie was for dramatic effect, that's interesting to know it was true. Glad you had a good time!

    There's actually a billionaire who is rebuilding the Titantic, Titantic II to replicate the original -http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/30/titanic-ii-australian-rebuild-liner

  3. Wow. The Titanic story is chilling and haunting, beautiful and so sad. I would love to see an exhibit, and what a good reminder!! thanks for sharing :)

  4. So tragic. I've read countless stories of people who were there. It gives me chills. It's such a reminder of how fleeting life is! <3 So many people acted heroically that day. People giving up their own lives for others! for a chance to stay with a loved one for just a few moments more. It brings me to tears. every time. :') It's beautiful is such a sad way.

  5. I didn't realize it took so many years to discover the sunken ship. The whole thing is so eery and sad. The stories always amaze me.

  6. Wow. All those stories are so powerful. A lot of times I forget the Titanic actually happened; that it was not just a movie. Those were real people. You forget about the lives sometimes. I can't believe the orchestra kept playing. That's so moving, and so is this post.

  7. Sooooo....sad. Titanic is such a good reminder to us all how precious life is. It makes me tear up every time I read about it. So many lives lost... I get shivers everytime I think about it.
    What museum did you go to?

  8. Wow! How funny that you and the passenger were so much alike! o.0
    Those stories...gosh, when you really put yourself in their place, it makes it so REAL.
    Hmmh, It was 100 years ago last year! I didn't know that! Though I did hear on the radio that someone wants to build another Titanic ship...it sure would be weird to sale on it if they do...!


    (Gosh, do I use to many (...) or what?!)