Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Is Living

No matter what we do, it's called living.
Because we're always alive,
The ones who can talk and write and read and think and move and exist.
We're living.
 But some people don't act like they are living.
Some people don't appreciate their life.
Don't be one of those people, okay?
Appreciate your life.
Because whether you like it or not, you are living.
And thats something to be happy about.
That's something to be proud of.
Be proud of your life, and if you can't be, make your life something to be proud of.
It has purpose.
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."
Romans 8:28
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. "
Jeremiah 29:11

This may be an overused quote, but it's still very applicable. :) I'll be straight up honest here, this post doesn't stick to a theme. Not today. I have things to say and I have pictures I want to share. So that's what I'm going to do.

However, I want you to enjoy this post, and life in general, so grab a cup of Joe while you read and relax a little. I wanted to say sorry if I haven't caught up on ya'all's blogs . Yesterday, I was only on blogger to post my post and that was about it. I had a major huge test yesterday and had very little time to study for it in the morning. Afternoon came, and I had the big Government test, and my Anatomy class. Then afterwords, I spent some time with my little sister watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings, had dinner, went to church, became a spy, came home and watched Nashville with my Parents and "hit the hay" so to speak.

Today is the last day of February and I am kind of stoked about that. I'm looking forward to March and Spring. This weekend is the last soccer game(s?) of the season. If we beat our team on Saturday, we'll go on to the championship game on Sunday. Wish us luck! It's sorta bittersweet cause I enjoyed the team and playing so much. It'll be sad once its over. Friday, my friend Heidi and I are going to the mall and hopefully we'll get a chance to make these bad boys too:

I'm sure our creations won't turn out quite like that but eggo waffles, and neopalitan ice cream still sounds like a good combo to me. :) Spring break is coming soon! As soon as my Friday speech class is done, Spring Break will begin for me. However, I still have an essay, a take home exam, and anatomy homework assigned over the break. :( Booo. Hopefully, I'll still find a way to make the best of it though and have some adventures and enjoy freedom from boring classrooms.

Lastly, I've really been realizing the importance and beauty of music. Sometimes music makes me want to cry, dance, act crazy, scream, hug some one, smile, ponder life and more. Music is crazy. I love it. I've been getting my 'ole guitar back out and putting some chords to my writings, and boy does it feel refreshing to feel callouses on your fingertips and songs in your lungs produced by you and you alone. Even if the bedroom walls are the only ones who will appreciate and hear your work.

Though, I'm also one who believes in fairytales. Fairytales can also be known as miracles though. And I've seen miracles happen. So I know they exist. And even if I hadn't seen them come true and happen, I think I would still believe. Because I have faith, trust, and pixie dust. But more than that, I have my Savior who gives me good reason to believe and hope.

I know the world's a broken bone,
But melt your headaches call it home.

--That's all I got. You can go back to whatever you were doing now.--


  1. I love all the pictures, you always pick the best pictures! i agree with pretty much all of this post. so. yeah, well said, once again! <3

  2. Oh, I like this post. :)

    I don't think that quote on the bench is overused. I'd never heard it before... and now... I LOVE IT!

    That line, "I believe in music the way some people believe in fairytales" was my favorite line of the whole movie. It was beautifully said. :)

    Cheers! ox

  3. Like Treskie, I've never heard that bench quote either! I really feel the music quote too:) Ahhh music, I love it SOOO much! If there was no music I wouldn't know what to do with my life! Seriously!
    Haha I'm pretty much repeating Treskie again:P

  4. Seriously?! I've never heard that quote either!! *chuckles*
    But soon it WILL be overused, 'cos I'll start repeating it. ;)

    Mmmm...a steaming cup of joe. I've haven't gotten my 'steam' picture yet, but I hope to sometime...
    A spy?! Practicing your stealth to add it to your superhero powers perhaps? ;D I like how you interupted the pictures with your week.

    Waffles and ice cream!!! A perfectly SPLENDID idea. Almost as good as Swedish pancakes (basically crepes) rolled up with butter and maple sugar/dark chocolate chips/strawberry jam. <3 Utter bliss.
    Music is splendid too. Just like the waffles. I learned a new piece in piano and I can't stop playing it!
    And I totally agree with the first part of this post; we get to live; we should enjoy it and Him! <3

    xx `Jenny