Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pumpkin Seeds and Foley

So, my week has hit a few rough patches.
However, my Lord has brought joy to my heart and verses to convict me and guide me.
I really do see a lot of brokenness around here and it saddens me.
But I also see a lot of good and there's always hope for people.
Yesterday I was blessed by free coffee (courtesy to National Coffee Day) but also by a free donut from a very sweet person from my school and then just in fellowship and friendship itself.

Today, through tests and school, I find joy in pumpkin seeds that my Mommy sent to me,
Gilmore Girls,
believe it or not,

I don't know how aware you guys are of what Foley is, but it's actually pretty cool.

Foley is when people use a various number of objects to make sounds for animated or real movies.
For instance, in Toy Story 2 when Bullseye is licking the cheeto dust off of Al's hand, the sound was actually made by recording the sound of a cow licking peanut butter off of a man's face.

Gross, yes.
But also, very cool.

We were assigned a project to add sounds to a silent film and I tell you I was very nervous at first.
Fancy software is not my thing.
Not my thing at all.

However, I ended up getting the hang of it and I will say it was actually kind of enjoyable.

To top it all off there is free chickfila tonight and Bible study/worship. I'm excited.

So yeah, also, there was a nice breeze.
And October is near.
And my Lord is amazing.
He really is.

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