Tuesday, September 1, 2015

But really people, what are we thinking and why?

Today's post is going to be a rant post. It might offend some of you. But, please believe me on this, I'm NOT trying to offend you. I'm voicing my opinion. At the college I go to, the guys treat and look at women so so disrespectively. This is my second week here and I don't want to mention how many times I've been looked up and down and sized up. I don't want to tell you about the creeps who will be staring at me and give me a howyadoin smile when I look up from eating my lunch and make accidental eye contact with them. Or those guys who think they can stroll right up to you and make you theirs. My friend was winked at by this random dude in the cafeteria thinking he was a total hot shot people should adore. It makes me mad. Really? And this is all in a "Christian" college. The world out there is so much worse. But here's the other side of it that I hope I don't get flack for. A lot of women here, on the other token, don't seem to have self-respect. They give the hungry wide eyed men something to look at. Women, please understand how important it is to dress modestly. No I'm not condoning or excusing the male's behavior. But I am saying, don't give them something to look at. That's definitely not going to help change their behavior. Why are you barely covering up what God has deemed as sacred? Are you dressing for yourself because you think it's more comfortable to dress like that? I highly doubt that. Even if you have a "kickin'" body, you don't need to show it off. I can't say this enough, but outward beauty is not where true beauty lies. And if you're dressing a certain way to get attention from a certain guy, he's not looking at what truly matters or at what counts. I don't want to be measured by shallow outside beauty. That's not what I want to be loved or known for. And if I don't want guys to size me up or give me comments, I'm definitely not going to give them what they want to see. I won't need to cover their eyes if I cover myself. Granted, guys are going to do what they're going to do. They're going to whistle, size up and wink and maybe I have no control in that. But I do have control in what they see and you do too. You are so much more than the size 2 you wish you were or the toned body or the perfect white teeth and straight hair. You are so much more ladies. And men, you are so much than superficial, shallow beings. Man up and be a gentlemen. Respect women and women respect yourselves. We both are God's creation and we serve and answer to Him first. What would you want God to see? Because I'll let you in on something, He does see what we wear and what we do. Would He be ashamed of what you wear or how you a treat a woman? Something to think about and something on my mind. The weight of society sits on us all, but looking to God can leave us weightless and free. I know this is not the case for all ladies and all gentlemen, but I do know it's a problem and I wanted to address it. I fall into the pleasing people and wanting to feel beautiful category at times too, so I'm not saying I'm guiltless. I'm just saying I know we can do better than how we're doing and I want to please and respect God above all else and we can't do that if we're dressing to impress and letting our minds dwell on something other than seeking God.


  1. I didn't realize you still blogged!

    Anyway hai, hello, I just want to say that this post kind of made my day and I agree so much and yep. ...:)

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