Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oh Emotions, be quiet please.

Wow today. Let's mention it. It was a rainy drizzling day of emotions and feels and damp Warner garb and messy blue eyeliner with a side of nostalgia, sore throats and fun. I can't keep up with the days that are passing me. Today I went to a Warner football game that was playing our rivals Southeastern in which a load of Clearwater Christian students were at. Before the game even started it was pouring though and so the Clearwater southeastern people decided to go back to SEU and captured me to hang out for a bit. It was nice, it was. But it was so weird. We all were at the same school and now we both go to different ones. I don't know why but it all just hit me. Memories and nostalgia and sadness mixed with the pleasantness of it all. The game however started up when the rain passed and a Warner Clearwater friend picked me up and we went back to the game and had a fun time cheering and watching our team lose. I just feel full to my stomach. Like it was Thanksgiving and I enjoyed the meal but now I feel full of food and it's making me a little overwhelmed and sick.

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