Friday, September 4, 2015

Imperfections and Blemishes

In my audio and video production class, my classmates and I got to work with a legit video camera that connected to a huge screen so that everyone could see what the classmate with the video was filming. As we were testing it out, everyone focused and filmed and messed around with the zoom on each student. I found myself very surprised and shocked at how bad a high resolution top notch video camera made me look. No there was nothing wrong with the camera. It was just that the camera was so good and it focused in on every detail. I was sleep deprived and sweaty and not looking supreme. The high quality camera pointed out all my blemishes and zits upon my face, every frizz on my hair was highlighted and the deep rings of purple around my eyes stood out like a sore thumb. Whenever I popped up on the screen, I felt so embarrassed. And you know what? This was just on the outside. People have often mentioned or wondered what it would be like if your sin was on display for the world to see but I never had really imagined or got it before. This was just a small thing. But think about if every sin and spot and blemish and imperfection was on a high resolution huge screen displayed for not only those four other classmates to see, but the whole world to see? I guess it just made me super thankful that God has paid the price of our sin and our blemishes and imperfections are all washed away by the blood of Jesus. His forgiveness makes our blemishes become blank slates. I am ever thankful for that. For my sin is more shameful and embarrassing than any outside beauty imperfection I have and my God wipes it all away. We are lathered in mercy and buried in love. Let us not forget the beauty of that.

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