Thursday, September 24, 2015

Broken Bits of Metal

This world tastes so much like rust sometimes.
And the oceans are filled by tears instead of by gentle falls of rain.
And the hearts seem more broken than whole.
Like sometimes I walk and I see holes in people chests, little bullets in their hearts.
Little bandaids that cannot mend the cracks,
And stitches that are infected because people left them in too long.

I just want to hold up the people that are melting like snowmen in summertime.

I want to paint smiles over frowns.

But holding up and painting on things are not fixing things.

Trying to hold up a melting snowman isn't going to keep the snowman from melting unless the sun's warmth is taken out of the picture.

Trying to paint a smile on the frown, doesn't remove the frown; it only covers it up.

              We humans are not fixers. 

                                               We try to be.

                                                                     But we aren't.

We ruined things that were already perfect.

One bite from an apple and everything was destroyed.

We're destroyers.

But gosh, oh gosh, if it had ended there.

If that was all there was to life.
Realizing we ruin everything we touch and not being able to do anything about it...
Thank goodness that's not how the story goes.
Grace covers us over and over and over again.
It's the song in my heart, it's the fixer.

It mends.
It heals.
It fixes.
The grace of God and His love and mercy.

That's why even though it may be weary walking around seeing broken people breaking things day by day, I can see God's grace fixing and healing day by day too.

And I know that even though the world tastes like rust,
The world will one day return to dust.

We won't be perpetually broken destroyers. 
We'll live in a sinless, painless, kingdom free from our chains and free from ourselves.
And free to be with our Father forever and ever.


I'm taking these broken bits of metal and throwing them in the sky.

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  1. Mmmh...that perspective- that we humans are destroyers- that really makes you think... working on our own strength we can destroy anything- marriages, friendships, siblingships, homes, actual, dreams- but in God's strength we get to help repair and build up all those things!!! That's incredible!!! :D Gosh, I'm really glad I read this...cuz sometimes It's so hard to see how the things we do everyday make a difference- but it does- it's a gradual building and repair process!!
    I really feel for the people with stitches though...I know some of those people. <3