Thursday, September 10, 2015

Look At The Stars; Look How They Shine For You

Dear Mr. Mysterious,

  I'm looked at the stars tonight and thought of you. I hope you're doing okay and I hope you're out there waiting for me too. Because in this homely world, I can't help but think about you. If you exist first of all. And second of all, if you have to wait like I am having to wait and if you ever felt a bit hopeless looking at the pool of fishes around you and seeing people throw themselves at each other everywhere you look instead of keeping high standards. Even though it's not fun waiting and seeing this, I hope you are sad looking at this and are waiting and thinking about me. Not saying I am a girl of extremely high standards, I sin and mess up just like everyone else. I am sure you do too. But I do hope you're not the kind to just enter a relationship for fun or because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I hope you don't just date chicks even if their heart is not set upon the Lord. If you are that type of guy right now, I know you'll shape up before we are together because I am holding out for someone special. Someone who's heart is on fire for the Lord and not flinging himself at any girl and dating for fun. I'm waiting for a man of prayer and love and obedience. Like I said, you're allowed to mess up sometimes. It happens. But still. The truth is the truth and there is a difference between someone's lifestyle and someone who makes bad decisions or messes up on occasion. I guess this turned into something longer than I had imagined it too. I just want to let you know husband that I think about you a lot. And I am happy each moment I am not with a guy who would lower my standards. It's discouraging sometimes and I am unpatient sometimes, but I am happy to wait for you. I know it'll be worth it my love. You are worth it my love... if you are out there.

Your Sweetheart

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