Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Can it be Christmas?

What does one do when she needs to rest for an evening and has free time to do so?
Watch Christmas episodes of tv shows.
I guess I'm starting to get a little excited. September is pre-season to promote October and pumpkins and November is pre-season to promote Christmas plus it has Thanksgiving which arguably is actually my favorite holiday. But let's face it, this time is my favorite half of the year. I love all of the holidays. I love pumpkins, and pumpkin flavored things and hay and corn mazes and apple cider and leaves, and I love turkeys and all thanksgiving food and thanksgiving soccer and softball, and thanksgiving baking, and christmas cookies, and christmas movies, and christmas trees, and everythiiiiiiiing. I just love it all. And this year, I might be going to New Hampshire the week before Christmas and Williamsburg VA for Thanksgiving week.
I'll be able to experience a real Fall and a real Winter as opposed to a Florida one.

I'm excited. 
And Christmas episodes make me feel cozy.
So, I'm okay with taking the evening off and going to bed early.

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