Saturday, August 1, 2015


Thursday we had a youth conference and a group also went back to the public school because they had a morning group and a completely different afternoon group. So we went in the afternoon this time to share and talk to the new group. When we ministered to the public school, it didn't go as well as we expected or as well as the first time did. We had trouble being loud enough because we were on a basketball court and there were no outlets to plug in a microphone or anything which was different from what we had the day before. We had a megaphone but that still didn't help that much and a lot of the older kids were talking so it made it very hard to hear. However there was a little girl  who really wanted to hear. She kept making the "shh" motion and asking girls to quiet down so she could listen and even though I know she couldn't hear because I was sitting with her and I couldn't hear, when we handed out Gospels of John she opened up hers immediately and I saw her quietly reading it out loud to herself. Even though things didn't work out as we had planned it too, God had (and has) everything under control and He was still working through the complications. This girl was such a love though and I miss her. But it also reminded me that even though there are times and days where everything seems to go wrong, there is always an upside to it. Not only that, but it makes all the difference even if just one girl in that huge group of kids got to hear the Gospel. Our job isn't to see how many souls we can collect for the kingdom. It's not a contest. Of course, I'd like all the people I talk to who aren't saved to become saved. But my point is, it was worth the whole program knowing one person was interested in and heard the Gospel. Even if no one else heard the Gospel, I would do the whole program over again because each and every life matters. 

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