Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's pacifically talk about wednesday...

On the wednesday that I was there we got to do two amazing things. 1. We got to put on performances/share the Gospel at a public school in El Salvador. We were told it was going to be around the ages of 12-16 year olds and we were assuming it was going to be pretty small. However, we were blown away by how many children there were. There were definitely kids younger than 12 and the number of kids were somewhere near 300. It went well and I got to do the Everything Lifehouse skit and meet some amazing kids. All of the kids were intent and listening to the message shared. It was a powerful moment. The second half of the day, we all took a trip and got to 2. go to the pacific ocean. The bus ride was long but it was fun. It involved bus ninja, weird faces, rock paper scissors, and lots of laughter. And then I got to experience wild waves and flying pebble/stones and black sand. We had adventures throwing sand at our team members like little children. The sand took forever to get out, but it was worth it. That day was pretty grand and even coming back and eating a late dinner and arm wrestling was pretty awesome too. Ministry wise, the day was kind of light. But it made a difference in the kid's lives and seeing their faces light up and listening. Not only that, but the school assistant director who was against us coming at first was smiling at the end of it and welcomed us back at anytime. It was a memorable day.

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