Sunday, July 26, 2015

Whirlwinds of Grace will Pull Me Tighter to Him

I got back from El Salvador last night and the place I was so anxious to go to, I was far from anxious to leave. 

There are many stories I have to tell you, so I can only hope you'll hear me out. 
I can only hope you will take a few seconds out of your busy lives to read these because I have never been so eager to share what God has shown me and done for me and how He has loved me and the world around me. 

I've been molded, 
I've been renewed, 
\I've been convicted, 
and I've been humbled. 

How beautiful it is to be called one of God's own. 
To be a child of His. 
To be humbled before His throne,
 is a gift. 
I have lots of stories. 

This week was one of the busiest weeks of my life, 
one of the best weeks of my life, 
and one of the fastest weeks of my life. 

I learned and did a lot, 
but I can't believe it's over already. 
I want to go back again already. 
My heart is in more than one place now and I guess I never thought it would be. 
My heart is so full.
 I will recount my week. 
I promise.
 Next time I write, I'll give you my arrival night/next day stories.

So, please, take the time to read as I take the time to write.
I want to share\because I want you to know and I want you to hear.

I love you.
Whoever you are who reads this,
I love you.
With the love of God,
I love you.

And I know God wants to use me to tell you about what He has done and to urge you to do the same.
Because God loves you and He sent His son to die for you.
He came to bring you hope in a desolate place.
Please don't ignore the hope.
Please don't shut your eyes and harden your hearts.
And then share.
Because there are others who need to know about the hope within you.

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