Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Share it that "One More Time"

The second day of my journey I was taught the importance of sharing the Gospel that "one more time". I say one more time in quotation marks because I think we should always be sharing it that one more time. When people seem hardened and the answer seems so clearly a no and you feel like giving up, that one more time can make all the difference. I learned that. That day we went house to house evangelizing. My group talked to a house literally a minute away from where we were staying at. The head person in charge of the mission trip organization had known the family we talked to for a long, long time and they had been told the Gospel multiple times with no intention of accepting it each time it was shared to them. However, my group was the one more time group. We shared the gospel and the Dad broke down. He said that he had thought a lot about death considering the fact that he was growing older. He said he wanted to know where he was going after death and he wanted it to be Heaven. He wanted to choose life and he wanted his kids to do so as well. He wanted to accept Christ. I guess this just changed my heart as often times, I do get discouraged and give up on people around me who shrug off the message of Christ and say they don't want anything to do with Him. Sometimes, all it takes is one more time of sharing the Gospel to change a heart. Don't give up. As well as house to house evangelism, we also got to go to the town square and put on a presentation for the kids there and play with them and there were many kids who ended up recited a verse we taught them. It was also a neat experience. We got to bond with them and spread joy. Every time I recap my journey in my mind, I can't help but smile and feel homesick at the same time. I learned so much and I am hungry for more learning and to be with these people who I have met and loved. I really have never experienced this feeling before. But it is a good one. I like missing El Salvador because I'd prefer that over not having it be an experience and place to miss at all. 

It's definitely something I'll always treasure in my heart and I'm glad to talk and share about.

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