Monday, August 24, 2015

Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

I know this only the first full day here at my new college and my second night here,
but it has definitely felt weird.

It's hard coming from a school where you have made Godly friends and had high standards and didn't have to worry about the majority of the student body having extremely different views.

I didn't have to worry about them barely clothing themselves and the language around you being less than edifying and the guys clearly sizing you up as you walk past them in the Christian college I went to.

I'm going to a Christian college now but I'm having a hard time adjusting so far.

Especially being out in the middle of nowhere and away from my close friends and family and even a Target or a Starbucks. There are small pleasures in life and I definitely have taken them for granted.

Thankfully God has been teaching me the importance and wonderful beauty in friendships though.
Three friends from my previous college are going to this college now and I think being new together has strengthened our friendship. I also have made another friend to who is an incoming freshmen and is totally sweet. We've made a pretty tight bond and we stick together. Loyalty is a tight glue that keeps the cracks from tearing our walls down. 

They had an event tonight at our new college and we definitely made the best of it. 

Whether it was cornhole, or watching Jurassic World, or tennis, or just talking, we stayed loyal and we had fun with our time together. Afterwards, we ended up watching Highschool Musical together in one of my friend's dorms.

Loyal friends are important in life and I'm so thankful that I have some. 

I know God can get me through any situation but I'm so glad I have them or else I might be crying in a corner right now because this change has not been what I thought it might be. 

But is life ever what we think it will be? 

Usually not.

But still,
change is hard.
Especially when you had something so good.
But I will praise Him nevertheless.
And I am thankful He has not made me go through this without friends there beside me.

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