Friday, August 14, 2015

Your will be done Lord

I've been reading this book called "Set Apart" by R.Kent Hughes. Which, by the way, I highly recommend. But the reason I'm pointing this out is because when I was reading it, there was something that was pointed out to me that just me stand back and look at things in a new perspective. I can tell you that I have been struggling with selfish thoughts lately. I've been wanting certain things to happen or to come true and I pray for them and then I say; "Your will be done Lord". I say it because inwardly I am thinking that I want His will to be done. That is, until His will is done and it doesn't match up with what I asked for. When that happens, I am still saddened and I still ask Him again thinking maybe there's still a chance or maybe His will can change. What a fickle human heart I have. What got me thinking about this is because in "Set Apart", the author points out how Jesus even prayed before He died on the cross that if there was another way out that He may take the other way but if not, not his will but God's will be done. And God listened to His son cry out in agony and pain, and although it saddened Him, there was not another way out so He sent His son to die on the cross because that was His will. And Jesus obeyed, because He valued God's will above all else. That just puts things in immense perspective to me. A lot of times when I pray for these selfish things, its about getting a job I wanted or going to a college I envisioned myself to be attending or having a certain guy I liked be interested in me. They are such minuscule things that really need not happen and I still ask for it and am upset when I learn that it is not God's will for me. Even though I know God's will is best. It was majorly convicting and I want whatever happens and comes my way for me to be able to say; "Your will be done, Lord" and then mean it and want it. Because God's will is so much better than anything I could have cooked up for me. And Jesus accepting God's will to die on the cross for our sins, is so infinitely huger than accepting the things God shows me is His will and I'm not particularly fond of. It's really ridiculous when put in that perspective and humbling. And it redirects my focus to Christ and God and how much He really loved us. Jesus didn't want to suffer and God didn't want to see His son suffer and yet He did it because He wanted to set us free from our sins because He loved us so much. He doesn't want us to suffer either in this life, but if it's His will, you know it's for the better and you know He loves us still. Just like God loved Jesus still even though He had to send Him to His death. If He sends us to our death and that is the cost of following Him, it is still worth it and it is still for the better.

Lord, your will be done.
May I follow it and not resent it.
May I love your will.
May I follow you to the ends of the earth, knowing You are my everything and You are worth it all.

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