Thursday, August 27, 2015

But the Moon was full and it had an angel ring of hope around it

Maybe life is a bit tough and maybe it's hard to be a fish swimming upstream and maybe a school claiming to have Christian standards that don't follow up on the afore mentioned standards and rules are shocking at first and not admirable, but God is still good and He's working in me.
I am a complainer when it comes to curve balls.
Things seem so "unfair".
But as good 'ole Relient K says; "The beauty of grace is that it makes life unfair."
I should not be complaining even if things aren't quite as pleasurable or uplifting or encouraging as it was at Clearwater Christian College.
I may be missing it everyday and that's okay.
But this is where God has placed me now and I need to be a light still.
And I need to be fighting and not complaining.
A compassionate prayerful heart goes a lot further than a complaining, disapproval heart.
I shouldn't settle for less, but I should be praying for a revival and trying to reach out to people and make the best of a less than favorable situation.
God has called me here and He has blessed me even through this time.

And I need to be even more grateful.
I am loved, and I am blessed.
Today my group of Clearwater friends and their roommates and I ventured to Dunkin in the morning as well as spent the afternoon/evening at my friend's apartment. We made tacos, cookies, and watched Cheetah Girls three as well as played games and talked and laughed and jammed. It was a good evening and I am so glad I have friends to stick with and go through this less than favorable situation with me. God is faithful and He has provided me with good times and good friends with memories to treasure and things to laugh about.
And the moon was full and bright and it has angel ring of hope around it.

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