Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"But everything I paint seems to peel"

                                                           -- Warm Bodies

I guess Warm Bodies was a book before it was a movie? I didn't know this until I stumbled across this quote but I liked it. I actually was looking at this article with a load of literary quoted and you know, most of them were about love. They're beautiful but most of them are heartbreaking. They also got me thinking about love and thinking about ways to be shown love and how I'd like to be shown love.

You know I think one of the best ways to be shown love is to be praying for the person every single day. To be putting God first before the other person and loving the other person with the love of Christ. You see, a lot of these quotes are beautiful but a lot of them are heartbreaking because the love they have is an obsessive sort of love. The way they love is unhealthy. They make each other their worlds. A lot of the quotes say how they don't know how they could live without each other. But you know, you never know what will happen in life. You have to be able to be okay in life if something ever happened to your significant other. You have to put them second or else you cannot love the other to the fullest. Christ is the source of love. If you do not go to him for love, then how can you properly love your significant other. If you're not seeking God in prayer, how can you do what you're supposed to do within the relationship. If you're not praying for the other within the relationship, how could you have his or her best interest in mind?

I want to be shown love not by some words declaring that I am his world or his reason for living.
I want to be shown love by His love for Christ and knowing Christ is His first love.
I don't want our love to be heartbreaking.
I want our love to be paint that dries and remains and does not peel.
I want our love to be coated with the love of Christ.

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