Friday, August 28, 2015

Blessings just around the corner

Pasta, nice professors, an opportunity to go home, surprising my parents, car rides and good talks, ministry opportunities, being with a group of believers, encouragement, E.T, pretzel chopstick adventures, side hand hugs, and just many blessings. I'm seeing the silver lining now and I am thankful.
 Though I should be thankful when the linings I see are only grey.
What a blessing it is to be loved by a Savior who sees the black depths of your heart and the motives behind the actions and words that you are ashamed and loves you more than all human beings who love you and who can't see the depths of your heart and the actions and motives and words you are ashamed of.
The one who truly has every right to hate and condemn us, loves us more than we could ever imagine and
How Great is Our God?
Greater than words could ever speak and meanings could ever hold and actions could ever show.

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