Friday, March 6, 2015

Waitressing Life

Our school put on a Murder Mystery Dinner last night and I've been busy helping out with that.
On Wednesday, I helped mix a sauce to heavily coat the chicken.
It took a long time actually.
Especially mixing the ingredients with a spatula in a huge bowl.
My hand was literally cramping.
But one of my good guy friends helped me out and it was actually fun.
We had fun being stubborn and not highfiving and sharing in the suffering and dancing to the Cuban shuffle while waiting for the chicken to coat.
Then, here is the agenda of my Thursday:
Go to class number 1 -> 20 minute lunch -> class number 2 -> helping decorate the dining hall for the mystery dinner (which included a lot of placing plastic silverware and bowls on tables) -> an hour break -> dinner time (which actually consisted of cocoa puffs) -> Helping coat some more chicken with the goop around 5:30 -> receiving serving instructions -> serving bread baskets to salad bowls to scooping chicken and beans and rice on plates to give to other servers to serving cake -> eating a little bit of a real dinner and taking like a 20 minute break -> cleaning an unending amount of dishes -> ending around 11:00 at night -> going on a walk with a friend and helping her out -> BED.
It's been busy, but it has been fun. Waitressing is sort of stressful but I also have always found it sort of fun too. I don't know it's only a taste of what real waitresses experience and it's a lot of hardwork, but it's also somewhat exciting and you feel so accomplished too. It was tiring, but it was fun.
Now, it's Friday. And I'm so ready for the weekend.

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