Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Even though I still have three weeks until my spring break, I feel like it's spring.
The weather here in FL is finally sunny and warm.
It is my best friend's spring break.
We went and got free pancakes yesterday and went to All About Puppies.
Even though I had to eventually come back and go to classes, it felt like a taste of a break.
Last night consisted of game playing, hot chocolate, and watching/cheering on my friends' kickball team.
The artificial light was bright, the smell of sweat was almost unbearable, the bleachers still as uncomfortable as ever, and my friends' team lost. 
But it was great. It felt like a taste of summer, and that's what spring feels like to me.
I used to not like spring.
I used to not like summer.
I'm starting to like and appreciate all the seasons for what they are.

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