Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tropical Tuesdays

Honestly, this Florida weather couldn't be any better. It is like the summer people dream of but in spring form. I'm sure in Summer I will drown in my own sweat and my tears will be disguised as perspiration, but for now, it's simply beautiful. My Tuesday was homework, an spontaneous mid-afternoon starbucks run, working on a project while listening to islandy music (ukuleles made quite a few appearances in the songs I listened to), went on a pancake adventure driving down to the beach side and wearing green because it was st.patty's day and ihop was giving free pancakes for people dressing like neon green aliens, complimentary valet parking and a gentleman who opened the door for me, an adventure to a beach I never had been to before, climbing and taking pictures on rocks that overlooked the sparkling waters smiling at me, worship songs with my unit, and game playing.

This past Tropical Tuesday was the best. I tell you what. I have school in the day but my evenings feel like mini teases of spring break. But it's nice to be able to experience Florida beach weather with some school friends who live up North and don't get to experience this beautiful thing I used to take for granted. A lot are flying back to their homes on spring break and it'll be nice to have spring break with my family and Florida friends who are away at school. I know life is full of changes, but I'm thankful for a lot of them. And some things don't even change but my outlook on them has and let's face it, so have I. I will always change in some ways and so will you. I just keep hoping that my changes are for the better.

"The seasons have changed, and so have we. There was little we could say, and even little we could do to stop the ice from getting thinner, between me and you." -- Death Cab for Cutie

I know I may not always live in FL or have time to relax in the sun and frolick at the beach. So I love it even more knowing I might not have access to it someday. Mind you, it may not be for awhile . When I move from it, it might be my own choice. Or I might not move at all. I'll go wherever God wants me to. But I'm just recognizing the fact that change does happen and sometimes we mourn the time that has passed us instead of being grateful for the time we had.

Friends change, people grow old, birds fly south, kids become adults, perceptions shift,
but God remains the same.
Today, Yesterday, and Forever.

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