Monday, March 16, 2015

Have Courage and Be Kind

This weekend, was beautiful.
Friday, was full of impromptu happenings.
I was straight haired and makeup free, and carefree.
My friends and I randomly decided to go watch Cinderella.
We went to a theater and it was sold out.
So, we went to another theater and their only showing left was 9:40 although it was around 7:45 when we got there.
It was inside of the mall though, so we purchased our tickets and looked around in the mall.
We spent a lot of time in the Disney store, singing the songs and admiring the Disney mugs and shirts and plushes.
We also went to Teavana and sampled all of the teas.
Then we made our way back and waited in line forever.
But we sat on the carpet and just talked and awaited in burning up anticipation together.
It was beautiful.
We're college students.
But that night, we were just wide-eyed children who couldn't contain our excitement.
We finally came in the theater and sat up close and enjoyed the movie.
After the movie was done, it was 11:40 pm. We had to be back to our dorms at midnight.
We were Cinderellas.
The magic was going to wear off at midnight.
We ran across the other end of the mall (which was all closed and empty) to get out and to our car.
We finally reached the main exit and it was locked.
We saw a security guard who let us take the employee sketch exit.
We made it outside and it was raining (which it does in the movie on Cinderella's way back to her house), and got into the car and made it back to campus at midnight.

It was surreal and freeing.
Sometimes I don't like the rain.
But the rain was freeing to walk in as my nostrils welcomed the scent coming off the pavement and my hands reached to the air as I swirled around and ran to my room to get my stuff. I brought my stuff back to my friend's room and we talked and laughed and read the Bible and had a great evening.

In the morning, we went to brunch and laughed with people and ate chocolate chip pancakes.

Then I headed home where I got to spend some relaxing time with my family.
I ate pizza. I went and saw my younger sister dance in a dance production and saw my older sister's choreography. I saw my old dance friends and then my family and I went out for ice cream too.

Sunday, I went to church and then to the beach to soak up some sun and actually braced the water that was shining like diamonds and got my hair salty and wet and caught up with a friend from church who was on spring break. Then I went to our church's coffee house and had many sweets, listened to many songs, and drank a lot of coffee. I ended it with watching Once Upon a Time before heading up back to school.

It was so eventful and refreshing and I really love my family.
I do.

And today is Monday, but it's not a bad Monday. It's a beautiful one too.
Life is full of moments.
Cherish them all.

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  1. Love this. Especially the part about Cinderella! Sounds like a stellar weekend :)