Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Adventures Galore

My life is a sweater knit of adventures.
Yesterday, sweet yesterday, was the sound of canaries, the smell of lavender and everything glorious.
It was tanning and sunshine and walks and free ice cream cones from Dairy Queen and four chicks with the car window down and an array of music playing (but all the very best kind) of les miserables, phantom of the opera, and Disney and reaching the ocean waves while saying goodbye to the sun and being shadowy silhouettes and trekking to the mall and taking pictures for a school project and free cups of tea from Teavanna (not sample cups, like, big cups) and a night of worship and night ending in good talks about the Bible and Mere Christianity.
Now, if my English professors were to read this they would frown upon me and my lack of grammar used here. They'd furrow their eyebrows at my run-on sentence.
But, you know, it's my blog,
I can, use, too, many, commas, or not enough and leave out periods if I want to where periods should be
That's my story.
That was my freshly mowed grass Monday.
I hope yours tasted like strawberries and looked like aquamarine.


  1. Ahh! You have a way of transporting with your words. This made me very happy and wanting-to-take-random-adventure-ish. :)

  2. "My freshly mowed grass Monday" #preach My day did taste like strawberries, actually. The best kinds of days always do!