Friday, March 27, 2015

New Beginnings

Spring has always been labeled as the time of new beginnings.
New life is sprouting up and so are new beginnings.
That's the symbol of spring.
But, I've never really thought like that when spring arrived.
I guess I felt like it was just a continuation of winter.
That everything was just strung together, coming and going.
But honestly, this spring, feels like new beginnings.
Start overs.
Making everything fresh and white and clean.
Sometimes friendships break.
And you let it go because you have to.
But sometimes they come back.
A new start is made.
I've had that happen twice in this Spring.
I've never had that happen before.
But now, Spring has lived up to its expectations.
It's beautiful; a start over.
Today's my last day of classes before spring break.
I am more than excited.

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