Sunday, March 8, 2015

I struggle; I do

I'm not going to lie.
I struggle a lot when people commit suicide.
I know I shouldn't dwell on it when people do so, but I can't help it.
I just don't- I can't- understand.
My brain doesn't get it.

I know people get depressed.
I know people think about ending their lives...
but how do they do it?
How do they throw away their lives.
How do they go through with it?

There was this girl who used to go to the same school I went to.
She got an illness and she decided to end her life because of it.
She wrote her mom a suicide letter saying she was sorry but she couldn't keep fighting it.
She jumped off a parking garage at an airport.
She ended her life.

I didn't even know her that well,
I wasn't even close with her,
and I'm struggling.

I don't get it.

I can't help but think of her poor mother and father and her two brothers.

I can't help but picture their faces when they received the news and saw the note.

I can't help but feel so so sad for them.
And wonder why.

All I know is that God is sovereign.
I know that her parents and brothers have the God of all comfort on their side.
I know they'll be okay.
But it's going to be hard to reach that point.

This life is full of suffering, but we must keep fighting.
We must keep running the race and keeping the faith until the finish line.
Our lives are not our own.
Our jobs here on earth is not done while we're still alive.
We must share the Good News.

The ONLY hope here on earth is through Christ and Christ alone.

People need to know about the hope that we have,
the redemption that is offered to us.

The joy that awaits us.
Where no more pain will exist,
no more tears.

We're going to be alright.
We are going to be alright.
We have a lifetime of Heaven to look forward to.

I just want the others around me to have a lifetime of Heaven to look forward to as well.
I want my feet to be beautiful feet.
I want my life to be meaningful .
For a life void of Christ, is not a life at all.

I hope you, dear readers, know this.
The news I received is sad. I'm sure it saddened you too.
But I also hope that you take comfort in the fact that Jesus died for our sins so that we may live an eternal life with Him full of joy and no more pain and I hope that you can feel this comfort and peace because you have accepted Him as your Savior and accepted Him into your life acknowledging what He has done for you and every person here on earth.
If you can't take comfort in that because you do not believe in my Savior, I pray for you.
And I hope that you ask questions and leave comments and be willing to talk to me about what you believe and we can have a conversation. I would love to talk to you about love eternal.

I want to encourage believers to spread the Gospel because people need to hear it.
I want to encourage believers (and nonbelievers) to not end their lives no matter what you're going through.
There is more than one reason why you are here on earth.
You have so much to do, and so much to live for.
And there is reason to have joy.
That reason is called Jesus Christ.

And live it truly.
Because as I said, a life without Christ, is not a life at all.

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