Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunshine and Daisies

Minus the daisies.

Today was a good day and last night was a good night. I got to spend sometime with my roomie getting free iced dunkin donuts and then we watched the Blind Side together. After that, I went to worship night and it was just really encouraging and uplifting as usual.

Today, I spent a lot of time in the sunshine. I soaked up some sun, walked around and got to catch up with an old friend of mine, and went for a walk on the beach with my friend Grace. Afterwards I went to dinner and after dinner I watched two episodes of Criminal Minds and now I am re-living my childhood by watching Flicka. 

It was just really good, and I am extremely joyful.
 The Lord is good.
 I keep realizing that over and over again.
 I'll happily re-realize that until the day I die - which is when I'll be able to realize it for once and for always,

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