Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Oh time, what a witty thing you are-

Time is a funny thing.

It can make a human who once sat next to you and pour out her heart to you become a person who sits on the other end of the room acknowledging your existence only on occasion.

It can make an old best friend become an acquaintance to becoming new friends all over again.

It can make a person who once was someone you ran into every so often and shared a few laughs together to a person who you spend most of your moments with laughing,crying, and sharing the sweetest saddest moments of life together.

It can make (when there's distance involved) a close friend even closer through the sharing of memories and unique findings posted on a letter and enclosed in an envelope.

If one were to ask me at the beginning of all these human interactions how each would turn out - I would never have guessed they'd be how they are now.

Time and circumstance changes things around in life.

And to think, I may not have even met the middle of my life yet.

Used to be strangers, friends who are now strangers, and just strangers in general-

They astound me.

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