Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I will remember my moments

In the year we got wine glasses as a gift, I was taught the nay-nay, I ran a mud-run, I experienced the joys of Tennessee, peaches and milk, I swam with manatees in freezing water, I discovered Merlin and had my heart ripped to pieces, I saw She Loves Me for the first time, coffee runs and coffee dates with friends and experiences galore, late night run to dunkin and bringing back 2 dozen donuts, became hooked on Criminal Minds, scouting out safety harbor and witnessing my friend breaking her nose, free Wawas and beach days, CafĂ© de Paris, experiencing the book series called the Maze Runner, being the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland dance recital, branching out and making new friends, singing carols after drama practice, movie marathons, playing farkle, lighting candles, watching my friend get married, performing a skit at a highschool, learning how to love better and more deeply, how to cherish the moments and make moments, giving in to the freedom within my soul and loving, loving, loving my family and friends and strangers. Huge moments, things I've never done before, and small things I wouldn't mind doing it again and again next year. It's all a treasure, really. The good and the bad.

I want to do more of that next year.
 I really do.
 I know there's more but I can't record it all.

This is my goodbye to the new year although there is technically one day left.
I've been in the rolling mountains and hills and wintery embrace of North Carolina and I know I will be busy celebrating with my family tomorrow drinking sparkly grape cider and watching movies and recounting all these memories and hearing theirs.

 2014, you have been tough.
And you have been beautiful.
You have been old.
You have been new.
You have been full of changes.
But I wouldn't change that for the world.
I had many questions for you,
some answered,
some multiplied,
but you have grown me.

I know 2015 will grow me so more.

I welcome you with open arms.

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