Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dec. 31st 2014

"What a place to get engaged under the crystal line stars with the sound of river rushing below the enchanting forest."

I think it's interesting going to a place with documented memories and hearing how each person staying in the cabin (that my family and I are staying in) all have these different descriptions and memories for the same place. Each one a different story, a different vision. Happiness, and sadness were held here by different people. At the table I put my coffee cup on each morning could be the table where a little brother and sister played gold fish on each day. I know those are little things, but its strange to think about and beautiful. Everything's the same, but everything's different. The above line is copied from a newly engaged woman who stayed here with her soon to be husband. Her words were beautiful and I loved how she described the stars as crystal line because I probably never would have. I would have described them as tiny diamond seeds, and I would have described the woods as deep and haunting at night and the river as calming reminder that even in the silent and dark woods, there is comfort. Not only that, but it's weird to think that I have been walking around outside on the very place which marked a new beginning or at least the start of a new beginning for a very happy couple engaged and ready to take on life together who will remember that night outside the cabin I am sitting comfortably in right now. It's beautiful.

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