Friday, January 16, 2015

Remember me with that oversized hoodie and waterfall braid and the taste of poetry stained on my lips and the feel of the raindrops on my toes...

This week was miles of fun and sewn moments that are forever etched in my skin.

I measured it all in coffee cups, laughs, rainy night walks, barefeet, criminal minds episodes, new friends and old friends, literature, Nickel Creek, poetry, surprises, beans, taboo, and the grace and goodness of God.

You cannot even begin to understand the beauty and joy this week brought me.

It came in with the cold weather and I feel myself morphing, shedding my skin, becoming a new person once again.

The sky tells me it's winter but body and brain and soul thinks it's spring.

I've been a bud and now it's my time to become a flower.

A wildflower in a humbling way.

In my bud stage, I was an awkward, confused, and questioning girl.

In my flower stage, I am embracing the moments of life and giving God the steering wheel and finding and soaking up the sunlight and beauty in it all

because it's always there...
I just used to close my eyes.

But my eyes are open now.

Spring is always welcome in my bones,
and I will bring out the black light whenever I need to revisit the memories in my skin.

1 comment:

  1. This is *insanely* perfect, Sophie. My favorite line is:
    "The sky tells me it's winter but body and brain and soul thinks it's spring."

    I can relate to that, a thousand times over. <3