Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Thousand Wishes

I was kind of feeling a bit bummed Monday night because I was feeling incredibly human.
Sometimes I really don't like being human.
Humans think of earthly things quite a bit, ya know?
That's what I was doing.
I was dwelling on small things, and I was feeling bad for myself, and I was just incredibly human.
However, God has sincerely blessed me with amazing friends who encourage and uplift me and bring my focus back to God and what He says in His word and what I should be thinking about but they say it in the kindest way possible too.
I am so thankful that God uses people to help other people to focus on Him.
Today, I feel a thousand times better than I did yesterday morning and Monday evening.
Yesterday, not only was I surrounded my great friends but I also got to enjoy the glorious sunshine of Florida. Sometimes I don't appreciate Florida. I think it's because I've lived here all my life and sometimes the Summer can be sweltering and borderline unbearable. However, yesterday was the perfect outside day. As soon as my last class (Expository writing which also is a really great class with a lot of free writing and writing prompts that get my brain and soul out on paper) ended, my friends asked me if I wanted to go running. I haven't gone running in a long time, but it's something I enjoy when I have good music, good weather, and good people to run with. So, of course, I said yes. We ran about two miles in a beautiful park with bridges as the wind ruffled our hair and the sun beat down on my face. As soon as I got back, my other friend wanted to go tanning. So, we tanned and I read my homework for American Literature (which was a lot of Emily Dickinson poetry which I thoroughly enjoy) and then we just talked for a bit. After that, I went to dinner with a whole bunch of my friends. Then I went on a walk with another one of my friends. Then, I watched Criminal Minds and played Improv games in Drama Club. It was just refreshing and wonderful and the sun and running can really change a mood. But really, the real deep change of my mood was God and looking to Him.
Life can really improve when your eyes are on Him and you listen to what He says.
It really can.
Right now, I am at peace with my life and whatever happens to me.
I know it's for the better.
I feel free.

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