Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I don't know where I belong; I don't know where I went wrong

I'm listening to "Ho Hey" and reflecting on life and being happy.
Things that have gone down in these two days:
1. Watching God's Not Dead
2. Playing Monopoly
3. Greeting old friends
4. Helping my new roomie move in
5. Chicken Bite Box Adventures
6. Early Morning Classes with Friends
7. Warm Meals
8. New Music and likeable teachers and classes
9. Walks on the beach and a gorgeous sky
10. Starbucks runs with a friend
11. Wal-mart adventures
12. Turtle faces
13. Alone time
14. Literature and Poetry
15. Criminal Minds (Shocker)
Sometimes, I need to remind myself that it's a blessing to be this age.
That 20 is not actually thaaat old.
That being single isn't awful, and hanging out with friends is something to be cherished.
That even though I am an adult, I am not a married adult with children.
I am a young adult.
I have responsibility but I'm not drowned in responsibilities.
I'm thankful for this age and point in my lifetime and I am thankful for God and the small everyday little things He graciously gives us.

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