Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jan 27th 2015

It will be known as the day we won the battle of the Seagulls.
Where the seagulls nipped, and flew and swarmed and tried to engulf our food and our heads,
but failed miserably...
It was the day we tried to eat a calm, peaceful dinner at sunset and instead had to run for our very own lives leaving behind the corn bread muffins that were so rudely snatched from our hands.
It was the day we were silhouettes, my best friend and I, and we caught the sun and sang too loudly and got muffins and coffee and chased the city night lights and counted the palm trees.
It was the night, my roomie and I,  ate frozen yogurt and watched the Maze Runner ( a movie I have long awaited in seeing).
It was grand, all of it. T
he sunshine, the wind, the wet sea, the cold me, the sky, this life.
Thank you, Oh Lord, for every moment you graciously grant me.

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