Friday, December 19, 2014

1 am thoughts

Many people rave about a love at first sight kind of love but I’d rather a “she crept up on me” kind of love. Love at first sight always seemed to be a shallow sort of love. Banking your love on the outside appearance of someone. A “crept up on me” kind of love is the kind of love that happens when you all the sudden see the dusty corners of someone’s soul, seen the way their eyes light up when talking about their passion, know how they can’t help dancing when their favorite Beatles song comes on, can’t help but notice how they tuck their hair behind their ears and things that make them them and can’t help but love them for it. Things you don’t see right away, things that creep up on them. I want thaaaat kind of love. When someone loves me, I want it to not be because they thought I was beautiful and imperfect. I want it to be because they saw me for all that I was and saw my imperfections but still loved me regardless and love me for my quirks and things that make me, me.

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