Monday, December 15, 2014

Missing the Mark

Sometimes I really feel like we're missing the mark when it comes to Christmas.

I love Christmas, but part of the reason I love Christmas is the joy that it brings.

But sometimes I really feel the joy lacking in the household, or in the friends around us, in the general atmosphere.

Everyone is stressing about things to get done.

Yes, sometimes it's important to get things done because we still have responsibilities and duties, but they will get done.

It may take a little time, more than you thought, but it will get done.

I just think life is too short to let the good times pass by without experiencing and appreciating them.

This is the time of year where I experience peace knowing that my Savior was born many years ago in a stable in order to become the one who would take upon all our sins on a cross for us.

This is a time of year to rejoice, and yet we're sitting here stressing and worrying and arguing over pointless things.

I don't want to let these ten days slip through my hands and be filled with arguments and stress.

I want to cherish them with joy.

I don't want to be sucked up into the vacuum.
I want to feel the love of Christ and spread it.

Some people feel as if Christmas is magical.

It is.

How else would you explain a star in the night guiding three wise men to where a baby lay in the manger that they would worship and bring gifts to?

How else would you explain a virgin mother giving birth to a newborn King?

How else would you explain a baby being born without any sins and without any blemish?

That night was miraculous.
It still is.
We have a great story to tell.
We have a great story to treasure.

So let us marvel and treasure it.

Let us not grow immune to the beauty and importance of this story.

We have an awesome God that we serve and awesome Savior who is love.
How can we be quiet about this?
How can we not be joyful?

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