Thursday, December 11, 2014

And if you are in doubt, the universe as unfolding as it should be...

My Junior semester of college has come to an end. I took my last final today!

Although I have had some ups and downs this semester, the end was supreme. This week has been stressful and beautiful and a wonderful mess. 

Yesterday, I felt free and happy. After my final yesterday I was able to enjoy many walks and many laughs. I was able to sing with my beautiful friend as she played the piano and sang hymns and worship songs. It was just so peaceful to do so. When you can give it all to God and worship together, it's so so beautiful. I also went to the park with one of my friends and it was actually cold out. At the park we went to, it didn't even look like Florida. The trees were colored like Fall, the sun set like a winter sunset, and there was even cotton bushes that looked like snow. It was beautiful. We talked about Christmas traditions and travel and life. It was nice. Then later I went and got coffee and a free muffin and became hyper in the best way possible. I had adventures with another friend and later a wonderful God-centered chat with a friend I'm starting to get to know better as we overlooked the city lights as it reflected on the water. Then I hung out at the "Cove", a common study spot and coffee shop type place. There was a goodbye party held for a really nice girl that is not coming back to our school next semester. I didn't know her very well but there were so many people there that I did know. I talked and laughed and took pictures with so many of my friends and lived in the moment. I got to know and play a game with people I didn't know. It was just one of those nights you remember and you cherish. Where everything was just simply right and where even though it was an ending, it also felt like a beginning. Everything just exploded last night in the best way possible. I had inner struggles with how I felt about some things, and I came to peace with them. Sometimes you can go about living and think too much about living. Last night I lived and I enjoyed it. I didn't think about it, I just let it happen and I didn't try to control anything. I felt most like myself in those moments and it was great.

I'm going to miss this semester and I'm going to miss my friends. But I'm glad it ended how it ended, I'm glad to be coming back home without school hanging over my head, I'm glad to catch up with friends I haven't seen in awhile, I'm glad to revel in the joy of Christmas and Christmas vacation (where I can go up north and bask in cold weather and cabin life and woods), and I will certainly be glad to come back to school after it all is over. 

I am truly blessed.

I haven't done a picture post in a while this post deserves pictures of my memories from this week.

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