Saturday, December 20, 2014


Last night was enchanting.

An evening of surprises.

My family and I went to a cute pizzeria we have never been to before where we ate outdoors with chilly weather but rightfully cozy weather with the heaters on, lights strung about the place, candles, ambience, pizza, Christmas music.

Then we went to downtown Clearwater, walked around, went to a fancy Starbucks, got warm drinks to soothe our souls and warm our insides/outsides, and came back to the theatre where we were going to see the musical "She Loves Me". They had caroling beforehand to set the mood. Then we watched the show, a musical I had never seen. It was pleasant, the actors/actresses were great, the music was great, it was great.

The whole night was enchanting and I wouldn't have changed it one bit.
It felt rather Christmasy and magical.

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