Monday, December 1, 2014

And I Need to Know How to Live my Life as it's Meant to Be

I love breaks but I also love coming back.
It's so weird though.
I feel like college campus is a totally different life than when I'm at home.
It's a tiny campus, but it's another home.
Going on walks with three different friends, talks from each different human perspective, it's just amazing.
It's intriguing to pick up pieces of each different soul, but it's also impossible to get to know each soul completely.
Partially because people can't even grasp every bit of their souls.
It's changing constantly.
Life changes constantly.
One of my close friends was going to stay here in FL for a couple of years and now she might be transferring to another school next semester.
Things change, all the time. It's just funny because sometimes we are convinced that we're meant to be on a certain route and then something will guide us to a totally different direction.
It's interesting to observe and sometimes it just makes me think.
Ironically, I was listening to Mumford and Sons and the lyrics from one of their songs stood out like a sore thumb: "And I need to know how to my life as it's meant to be."
 I need to examine that more often.
I need to pray more.
I need to do what I can to live my life as God wants me to.
Life is fleeting.

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