Friday, October 2, 2015

There once was a pumpkin named Harvey...

Today was the color of a pumpkin machiatto, the scent of sweater weather and the feel of a comfy cardigan and the happiness found in adopting a pumpkin named Harvey (although some may prefer to call him Dan) and the sound of laughter that was caused by the game Catchphrase and church friends.

It's good that it's October and it's good to be home and it's good for lone pumpkins to find homes and be given faces when they have none.

Harvey will have a face tomorrow.
There's glorious autumness awaiting for tomorrow and ministry work to be done.
But for now let me tell you about Harvey.

Once upon a time there was a pumpkin named Harvey,.
He was an ordinary pumpkin that grew amongst other pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.
From that pumpkin patch he was hand picked by a person wearing an orange apron.
But he was okay because his friends; Leon, Timmy, and Jimmy were picked too.
Some other pumpkins were picked as well but he never had the chance to know them on a personal level.
Anyways, when he was put in a wooden crate with his friends, he couldn't help but feel excited and nervous.
This was a huge adventure for him.
He passed green pastures and white fluffy clouds and roads with cars of bright colors and the wind felt good on his orangey back.
He had no idea where he was going, but he was okay with that.
At last, he arrived his destination with the truck stopped at a huge orange building with white letters written across it.
Since he went to school when he was just a youngin' he was able to read the strange words even though he had no idea what it meant.
The words read; Home Depot.
He and his friends were taken from the crate and placed on a display where hay barrels laid and many pumpkins were placed next to and around him along with his friends Leon, Timmy, and Jimmy.
The days passed and human beings would come across and inspect him and look him over but nobody would take him for the longest time.
Leon,, Timmy and Jimmy all got adopted within a week.
But not Harvey.
He was there for two weeks and when he felt like all hope was lost,
a kind looking family picked him up with care and love in their hearts and a gal no more than the age of twenty-one picked him up and carried him across the store and through the parking lot to her car and into her kind and cozy home.
She knew his name was Harvey, she just had that feeling and so she called Harvey, Harvey.
She fed him dairy queen ice cream and she cared for him like he was her own.
The other family members kept calling him Dan but she did not heed to their nonsense but addressed him by his real name.
And although the other family members called him Dan, Harvey knew they had the best intentions for him and he loved them all.
Yes, he belonged.
He was family.
He had awaited this day for such a long time and he finally had a home.
The End.

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  1. SO BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN. *tear streaks down my face* A wonderful story between a human...and a pumpkin. *sniffs* Amazing.